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When designing web pages, we strive for straightforward designs which download quickly, and avoid excessive distracting graphics. Our page designs are intended to work with both old and new browsers, to afford our customers a maximum readership.

Some web pages we are involved with:

John R DuMerer and Associates - Heavy Equipment Adjusters heavyequipmentadjusters.com
A specialized insurance service business... we did the site design from client interviews, and are worked with the client to identify appropriate web portal sites for listing. There is also a customer-changable salvage sales page.
Fantasy Crafts Distributing fantasycraftsdistributing.com shop listing
"Shop locator" pages for this cross-stitch distributor.
Imports Inc./chicago imports-inc.com
Informational pages for an Italian wine importer, including database-driven event page.
Great American Cheese Collection greatamericancheese.com
Information pages as well as database-driven events pages for a cheese wholesaler.
Northern Italian Country House northernitaliancountryhouse.com
Descriptive pages for the rental of a country house in Piedmont.

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